• Getting started with Web editor & Viewer

    The Web Editor and Viewer is where you can edit all your tours and view them whenever you want. It's a perfect tool to customize your own tours with industry-specific taggings and additional information about the space.


    After taking the pictures with a 360-degree camera and uploading them on the Quicksite 3D app, you can get an automatically created tour that gives a "hand-made" feel. All you need to do to make the tour more informative is to put abundant materials by tagging them on the YouVR web editor and viewer.

    Accessing to Web editor & Viewer

    1. On YouVR website(http://youvr.io), click log in.Web_editor_login.png

    2. Sign in with your account that you signed into the Quicksite 3D app.

    If you do not sign in with the account you used on Quicksite, you will not get the pictures and tours on the Quicksite 3D app.mceclip1.png

    3. Click the 'Published' tab and unpublish the tour to edit the tour.

    Tip) You have to publish the tour first from the Quicksite 3D app to see them on the web editor.


    4. Once the tours are unpublished, you will see all the tours on the draft dashboard.

    Click the pencil icon to edit the tour.


    5. Unless you want to edit the tour, click the view check automatically created VR tour.


    6. After editing, publish the tour again to enable it to be seen publicly.


    Click the share icon to get the URL link to share or embed code.



    Learn more about how to edit the tours on the editor and viewer here.


  • How to create 360 panoramic images using a 360-degree camera?

    To capture panoramic images using a 360-degree camera, we recommend you to get a 360-degree camera called 'Ricoh theta'. At this point, our Quicksite 3D App is compatible only with the Ricoh Theta series including Ricoh theta SC, V, and Z1.

    If you own a 360-degree camera, there are 2 workflows you can choose from when you create a VR tour.

    Workflow #1


    Using only your preferred 360-degree camera, capture 360 panoramic images of the interior in the property. Some 360-degree cameras such as Ricoh Theta come with the self-timer function. Be sure to use the self-timer function so that you can avoid appearing in the scene. We recommend that you shoot with a professional tripod to ensure the quality of the image.

    After capturing the 360 panoramic images, you can transfer them to your desktop and use YouVR Tour Creator to create a VR tour.

    Use this method to create a VR tour when you have a limited time in the property. Click here to find out more.


    Workflow #2


    By connecting the YouVR Quicksite 3D app to a 360-degree camera, you can capture 360 panoramic images and connect the scenes (360 panoramic images) together to create a VR tour on your smartphone.

    One of the benefits of this workflow is that you can check the quality of the images and the tour before leaving the property. Click here to find out more.

  • How to create 360 panoramic images using mirrorless digital camera?

    As our stitching algorithm only supports images shot on Sony Alpha a6000/a6300 models paired with 6.5mm Meike Fisheye lens, we recommend that you get the camera and lens from us here if you do not already own one. Please write in to questions@youvr.io to enquire.