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VR Tours




- Type and search through your tour list.


-Open guide page. 


-Change language (Japanese and English are available)


-Once it is clicked, dropdown will appear. there are two options in the dropdown. One 'open agent' button the other one is  log out button.


[VR Tours] - Draft



1.Create new Tour

- Create a new tour

2. View Tour

-Open the viewer to see your tour.

3.Edit Tour

-Edit your tour

4.Delete Tour

-Move a tour to 'Recently deleted' tab.

5.Copy Tour

-Setting is copied but scenes are not copied.

6.Select Tour

-Select tours for bulk action(delete and publish are possible).

7. Select number of tours show in dashboard

-There are 3 options, 12, 24 and 36. 

8.Display Mode

-Change the layout of dashboard.

 [VR tours] - published


1.Select Tour

-Select tours for bulk action(delete and un-publish are possible).

 2.Change tour mode

- 3 options are available. one is 'public' which allows anyone to view the tour second one is 'private' which doesn't allow anyone to view the tour and the last one is  'protected' which requires password to view the tour.

 [VR tours] - Recently deleted



1.Select Tour

-Select tours for bulk action(delete permanently and restore are possible).


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