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How to use Automatic Scene Connection with 360 Video?

What is Automatic Scene Connection (ASC) with 360 Video feature?

Automatic Scene Connection (ASC) with 360 Video is an improved technology of Automatic Scene Connection.

Instead of capturing panoramas every 2-3 meters to identify the common feature points between two 360 images, we have decided to release a feature that allows users to upload a 360 video instead.

What does it mean? 

With the new ASC with 360 video feature, users are only required to capture panoramas at the desired locations, for example, one panorama per room in an apartment. However a 360 video is required to supplement for the lack of panoramas to identify common feature points for ASC.

How to capture a 360 video?

hotspot new-06

An example of the locations where panoramas were captured in an apartment. Simply follow the same path to capture 360 video. 


After capturing panoramas at the desired locations in an apartment (see the image above), use the same 360-degree camera and capture a video by walking over the same path that was taken to capture the panoramas.

When capturing the 360 video, either hold the tripod with 360-degree camera or just the 360-degree camera above your head as illustrated below.



When you have finished capturing the 360 video, export the video from your 360-degree camera to your desktop.

Log in to your YouVR account and access the Pro-creator. After you clicked on the "Auto Tour Beta" icon at the top right corner of the Pro-Creator, you will be promoted to upload your 360 video as shown below:


Upload the 360 video and click upload to use the Automatic Scene Connection with 360 video feature.



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